Stromatolites is a sedimentary rock of biological origin, consisting mainly of limestone or dolomite layers formed by the activity of microbial communities of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae. These microorganisms live in shallow waters, such as lakes and lagoons, and produce a skeleton of calcium or magnesium carbonate. Over time, the remains of microorganisms accumulate, forming a layered structure that compacts and hardens, leading to the formation of stromatolites. Stromatolite is a fossil semiprecious stone and is generally identified as a type of limestone or dolomite.

Stromatolites come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have a concentric layers or blocks structure, with variations in thickness and colour that can provide very evocative light and shadow effects.

Stromatolite is one of the oldest forms of life on earth, dating back more than 3.5 billion years. In the past, stromatolite used to be found all over the world, but it can now only be found in a few areas where environmental conditions are still favourable for its growth, such as western Australia, the Bahamas and some areas of Canada.


  • Color: Brown - Bronze - Black
  • Category: Sedimentary Rock
  • Possible applications: Pieces of furniture - Wall coverings - Tops - Tables - Consoles
  • Availability at source: Good

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