La Malachite is a copper carbonate compound that forms on the surface of copper deposits when the sulphide comes into contact with air.

This stone has a deep green colour with alternating curvilinear streaks of lighter and darker shades.
When cut, this type of carbonate has light and dark straight or round bands.

It is often mentioned in legends of different peoples. Malachite represents sensuality, beauty and aesthetic sense.
This stone derives its name from the Greek word "malache", which means mallow. It probably refers to its pale green colour, which resembles the leaves of this plant and is due to the presence of copper.
Since ancient times, malachite has been used for jewellery and other objects thanks to its stunning green colour and characteristic veining.


Malachite is known for its relaxing and calming effect on the emotions. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety and nervousness.

It is associated with emotional and spiritual protection and can help to protect you from negative influences.