Petrified Wood is a type of natural fossil. Over millions of years, the plant tissue has been replaced by minerals such as silica, limestone or hematite.

The petrification process takes place underground, when wood is buried in water and sediments and exposed to high pressure and temperatures. The result is fossilised wood that retains the original structure and texture, but has unique colours and patterns created by the minerals that have replaced the wood.

Thanks to its beauty and durability, this stone is often used for jewellery, sculptures and decorative purposes.

Depending on the type of minerals, petrified wood has a wide range of colours and patterns.


Petrified Wood, is usually associated with stability, strength and profundity.

It is used to develop a deeper connection with the earth and nature and promotes profundity and inner stability.

Also, this stone is used to promote awareness of the cycle of life and death, and to support emotional and spiritual healing.